5 reasons why you should read a book

If you’re a bookworm like me, you don’t really need a reason as such, to read a book. Reading purely for reading’s sake is reason enough! So today I am going to share my 5 reasons why you should read a book.

There’s something about the crafting of language to convey a message or impart knowledge, the use of clever phrases to entice the reader into a journey unknown and the twisting of words to define plots and characters that keep you awake until all hours of the morning; that just makes soaking up books and words, so damn enjoyable.

For now, I’ll try to narrow down just 5 reasons

1. If you’re a reader, you are most likely able to articulate words in real life.

I have a friend, who is not a reader, who, over the many years of our friendship, has often said she wishes she was a reader. Because, on countless occasions, I have been able to rewrite a work email for her, translate her thoughts into written words for a university assignment or clearly explain something when she has stumbled over words, with relative ease. The reason? It’s not that I’m more intelligent or capable, it’s purely that the myriad of books I’ve read over the years have given me more exposure to a wider range of words, in a wider range of contexts, then she has had. It comes in handy when wanting to present or explain yourself in a certain way!

2. Reading allows you to travel the world without leaving your house.

I love traveling both ways, but when the bank account or kids and work-life balance don’t allow me to actually leave the house, or at least my town, a book will take me all over the world, meeting interesting characters, envisioning places I’ve never actually seen and sparking new ideas in my head!

3. It’s a great sleeping aid.

They say that just 6 minutes of reading before bed is enough to calm and quieten the mind for sleep. It’s so true, I never sleep as well if I haven’t read before bed.

4. It connects people

There’s a reason why Oprah’s book club is so successful! Apart from the legion of Oprah fans that would follow her off a cliff if she suggested it, not that I’m suggesting she ever would, but books connect people that often may not connect without that common thread of interest. I feel like people can always surprise you with their choices of books and that even people you least expect to be a reader, love to lose themselves in a good book. Reading allows people to bond where they may not have under other circumstances.

5. Knowledge and history. Of course.

Of course, one of the biggest and best reasons to read a book is to learn! There’s so much knowledge in the world and books, even in this digital age, are still one of the best ways for knowledge to be spread to the billions of people on the planet, to retain knowledge, to record history and to pass all of these things on to future generations.

I couldn’t stop at 5.

Being a Mum, one of the most important reasons for me to read a book, is to allow my children the gift of imagination, of lyric and language and storytelling. To bond with them over a book, to discover new ones with them and read the ones that I remember having read to me as a kid, that I know they will then read to their children. I feel like this, if nothing else, is THE reason to read because it keeps books and their contents alive long after the writer is gone, or the digital world takes over.

So why not put the kettle on and grab yourself a book and just start reading today. If you’re lost for what to read, why not read this article on how to choose a book.

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