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Having found a passion for Freemasonry, Martin, who was at the time running a book distribution company, felt he would like to put more into the Craft and so approached David Allan to see if there was an opportunity with such an eminent firm as Lewis. He was first offered the position of Marketing Manager of the Lewis Masonic imprint in 2005 and later promoted to General Manager in 2012. Through his work with Lewis Masonic Martin has made it his duty to help spread the good works of Freemasonry and promote a positive image. ~ Martin Faulks GM Lewis Masonic Publishing

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The Maleny Bookshop

The Maleny Bookshop first opened its doors nearly 30 years ago, while the exact date is now lost in time, it has been owned and sold only three times; most recently in May of 2020 to Ian & Harper.

The Maleny Bookshop is unique as the books are all curated based on not only the owner’s tastes but also from the thousands of customers that visit the shop each year. No doubt that if you’re after a rare out of print book, the Maleny Bookshop either has it, or knows how to source it for you.

We are proud members of the Australian Booksellers Association and Maleny Commerce, and are the Australian distributors for Lewis Masonic, The oldest Masonic publishing house in the world.. We believe in being part of the community and support our local wildlife shelters by donating to the Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc.

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The Hermetic Art Of Memory

During the intellectual swirl of the mystic Renaissance, the phrase Art of Memory referred to a specific set of memory disciplines and techniques that had evolved from classical Greek mnemonics. This was a method whereby one would create a memory palace in the mind. This could be based on a real or imagined place that, using intensive imagination, one would build up in the memory to the degree that it could be visited with ease. This memory palace could then be used as a kind of memory storehouse. By placing items in different locations in the palace one could recall them with ease when the palace was next visited. In order to make the images memorable the characters, figures, or items used were often dramatic and could sometimes be quite striking to contemporary sensibilities.

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