Our very first meeting starts in

Reading is not something exclusively for “super intellectuals.”
We can all be great readers, the hardest part is to just start.

Small Groups
Each meeting is no more than 10 adults who want to learn to be better readers. No pressure, this is meant to be fun.
Short Stories
The purpose is to be able to not only finish a book but learn from the author and each other and build our love for reading.
Build on our strengths
Each week, we will read along together, as a group, learning storytelling skills and falling in love with words that move us.
Make recommendations
If you know of a book you think the group would benefit from, share your recommendation and well see about adding it to the line up.

Books we'll cover for the next six months


Blurb About the Book


Blurb About the Book


Blurb About the Book


Blurb About the Book


Blurb About the Book


Blurb About the Book

About the group

While Harper is an avid reader and has been all her life, I on the other hand never developed the same passion for reading. Did I let that stop me from doing something about it? ok, well I could have done it without buying a bookshop but here we are right?

So it got me thinking that I cannot be the only person who can read but doesn’t read for pleasure but wanted to, I wanted to learn to love reading. I see the joy Harper gets from reading and I wanted that same feeling. So I decided to start a group for likeminded people to do just that. If you can read but aren’t able to get into reading yet and you want to then let’s learn to love reading together. Who knows where this may lead. We might actually learn to love it, we might inspire someone else to love reading too, now that’s pretty cool.

So come along to our next meeting, it’s held every Wednesday starting at 6pm till 7ish.

We’ll provide the drinks, how about you bring along a plate to share. See you then.